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  1. L’affaire Landsbanki est en réalité une affaire exemplaire des problèmes pénaux que posent les pratiques d’établissements bancaires qui se protègent de leur délinquance grâce à un lobbying considérable appuyé par des groupes de consultants et d’avocats grassement rémunérés. Les victimes espèrent que les autorités luxembourgeoises se saisiront de cette affaire pour bannir cette délinquance excécrable pour tous.

  2. Hello. My son and his French wife were here last night and we all looked at the site.
    All impressed but wanted to ask No2Fraud if he/she /they knew that the link above is referring to property contracts and the laws about selling a property with hidden, undisclosed flaws ?
    The hidden flaws means the property is not the one the buyers thought they were buying.

  3. We were thinking that the same principles or laws should apply to our unlicensed Equity Release schemes which had serious undisclosed faults in the product they sold and that Landsbanki was already insolvent in 2007 which is why they were so desperate to sell us this flawed product and make all these empty promises.

    They knew very well we could not pay back the interests and have money left over to give us an income and yet that us what they promised!
    Landsbanki sold us a Hoover without a motor. A pack of empty promises.

  4. I would like to add that our family and friends are all asking the same question:

    ” Why is it that Luxembourg is so quick to react to horsemeat fraud and mis-selling, abuse of the consumer and false description of a product, when they do not lift a finger over serious abuse, mis-selling FRAUD, harassment of the consumer and false descriptions of a product in the Landsbanki Luxembourg fraud case?

    For nearly 5 years European pensioners, most unable to use a computer as average age 72, have been psychologically tortured, intimidated and bullied by an administration which refuses to look into the serious accusations across Europe of fraud against Landsbanki Luxembourg. No questions are being asked in Luxembourg despite several ongoing Criminal proceedings going on by the top French Criminal judge, the EU Court and Spanish and Iceland courts.

    Can we take it to mean that Horsemeat Fraud is taken more seriously in Luxemourg than Serious Bank Fraud against pensioners?

    What makes Horsemeat Fraud more important than Bank Fraud against 600 pensioners?

    Please ask this question in the site Journalists Corner and on our Facebook.

    Thank you from all of us.

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